5 Tips to get (and stay) Motivated

If you’ve signed up for my free “kit” (if you haven’t signed up yet, click here), you know that I asked you to let me know what your biggest struggles are surrounding fat loss and getting more fit. I’d say about 80% of you said that your biggest issue was motivation. I posted a short … Read more

Losing Motivation?

You ever have one of those days? No motivation and every excuse to not exercise is running through your head. That was how I felt this morning. I was freezing cold. I was tired. I had a million other things to do and I did NOT feel like working out. I guess I was motivated … Read more

Food Sabotage?

Chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, chocolates and goody bags. Gotta love Valentines Day! Not too long ago, having all of these “unacceptable” foods in my house would make me crazy. I probably would do one of two things. The first would be to get rid of everything. It wouldn’t be enough to just throw everything in … Read more

To weigh or not to weigh…

In the past I would weigh myself every Friday morning. I would wake up and feel as light as a feather, step on the scale, and all of a sudden I would feel as heavy as an elephant. Just like that. The number on the scale would completely dictate my mood for the rest of … Read more