4 Proven ways to Reverse Bad Habits

I would say one of the biggest challenges that myself and my clients face is battling the “All or Nothing” mindset. Especially over the weekends, holidays, parties and family events, even with the best intentions to stay on track. We know that we have a tendency to over-eat at these gatherings, yet time and time … Read more

Birthdays and Progress Pics

Yesterday was my birthday. I enjoyed my birthday brownies, wine, dinner out, and a few of my favorite Whole Foods Swedish fish with zero guilt, because as Ive mentioned before, feeling guilt and shame about eating food is not only ridiculous (although I realize how common it is), but it’s never done anything positive for … Read more

Hangovers and Whole Foods

Wanna know what happens when you drink a little too much wine on your anniversary and end up food shopping in Whole Foods the next day?Mac n Cheese happens. And a cookie. And the “healthy” Swedish fish. And a bit of your sons’ pizza.A few years ago I would’ve spent last night searching the internet … Read more