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Every Sunday I post my goals for the week to the women in my Lean in ’14 coaching group and encourage them to do the same. I find it helps me (and them) to stay more accountable when we put it out there 🙂

One of the common goals for a lot of the women in the group this week was food prep. Having healthy food choices ready to go no doubt makes it easier to stay on track, however I have never been into prepping all of my meals for the week on a Sunday. Even when I competed I was never that good at it! I would make something and then not feel like eating it, which I think made things worse because I felt like I had to eat it and then I was left feeling like I wanted something else because I didn’t have what I wanted in the first place – still with me? Although I don’t necessarily plan and prepare all of the meals I plan to eat for the week, I do make sure that I have lots of healthy foods on hand at all times so that even if I’m in a rush and don’t have time to prepare anything, I know there are always options available to me.

I always have at least 2 boxes of gluten free chicken nuggets in my freezer (if you have kids, you probably do too). Applegate Farms and Bell and Evans are my go-to’s.. Are they higher in sodium, fat and carbs compared to boneless skinless chicken breasts? Of course! Do I care? Nope J I know that there are healthy, quick ways to make these myself, but I’m just not willing to do it, so for me, these are just fine!

Non-fat plain greek yogurt is also something that we very rarely run out of. The boys love it, and I love how you can add in lots of different things! Some of my favorites are fruit, cocoa powder, honey, nuts, oatmeal, and pumpkin.

One thing that I do prep once or twice a week is hard boiled eggs. I’m a huge fan of Cobb salads, and I have at least 2 per week so I try to make sure we have some cold ones ready to go. Boiled egg whites with avocado and a little salt, or just the eggs alone are really easy to grab and go. If you don’t like hard boiled eggs, then scrambled eggs or omelets take 5 minutes to cook. Another fast and easy way to cook eggs is to soft boil them in the microwave. I put 3 TBSP of water in a bowl, crack an egg in the water, fork the yolk (stab it once) and microwave for about :40. Pour out the water and you’ve got yourself a soft boiled egg. Then add ketchup. I can’t eat eggs without ketchup!

Whole Foods is ridiculously expensive, but for me, there are some things that are worth the extra money. Like cut up veggies. My husband always makes fun of me because I HATE making salads. Whenever we make taco salads I always take the meat duty. I love salads, I just don’t love cutting everything up etc…So buying a bunch of cut up veggies that I can eat raw, sautee, or roast is money well spent in my book!

If you know me, you know that I’m somewhat obsessed with Sun Warrior’s chocolate protein powder (the classic kind!). So it goes without saying that I NEVER run out of this stuff. Thank goodness for Amazon prime, one click and it’s here the next day! I have a shake for breakfast 99% of the time and I LOVE it! If I’m really desperate I will even have one for lunch. Not my favorite because I like to chew my food, but if it’s between a healthy shake and a not so healthy meal, I’ll go with the shake. If I’m running late or just need a quick fix, I’ll grab one of the Think Thin bites. They are the perfect size and they don’t leave me wanting to eat 15 more, which is definitely how I feel when I eat Quest bars.

One last go to…grilled sweet potato fries. These things are AH-MAAZING. I don’t even mind cutting these up, that’s how good they are! We typically grill at least once over the weekend, so I’ll make a bunch of these to pick on at the beginning of the week. I really don’t like eating leftovers. At all. Especially chicken. But these things are great. Even cold I love them…and with ketchup. Everything is better with ketchup.

These are just a few of my quick go-to’s. As you can see, they really don’t take a ton of time to prepare, you just need to have them in the house! What are some of your favorites? I’m such a creature of habit and very rarely make anything new, so if you got anything easy, please share under this post on the Facebook page!

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