My favorite supplement for fat loss

One of the most common questions clients ask me is about supplementation, or products that I take or recommend to enhance fat loss.   And while there are absolutely NO short-cuts when it comes to losing fat (and more importantly keeping it off),  there are a few supplements that I think *most* women may benefit from adding … Read more

This broke my heart :(

So most of you know that I have 7 year old twin boys, Michael and Drew. They started first grade this year and is so fun to watch them learn things like math and reading at such a rapid pace.   Over the summer, we tried to make sure we stayed on top of their … Read more

Why running a 5K is a great goal!

      You guys know that I am all about balancing your hormones for optimal fat loss, increased energy, stabilizing your hunger and managing your cravings and mood. Well, not only does diet play a major role in your hormonal balance, but the type of exercise you do has a major impact on your … Read more

Second and Third Trimester Re-Cap

Well, I’m currently in my 37th week of pregnancy and I’m finally getting around to writing about the last couple of months! Honestly, I’ve been feeling really good, which is why I think I’ve waited so long to recap. I almost feel like there’s nothing to tell (and then I end up writing a damn … Read more