Second and Third Trimester Re-Cap

Well, I’m currently in my 37th week of pregnancy and I’m finally getting around to writing about the last couple of months! Honestly, I’ve been feeling really good, which is why I think I’ve waited so long to recap. I almost feel like there’s nothing to tell (and then I end up writing a damn … Read more

First Trimester Re-Cap {Part 2}

This is part 2 in my first trimester re-cap. If you missed part one, you can read it here. As I’m writing this, I’m just starting my 17th week. Almost half way there! Well, kind of. I’m leaning towards a scheduled c-section and that will be done in my 39th week, so I’m counting backwards from … Read more


September 30th, 2016 Our 11 year wedding anniversary. We have a tradition that every year on our anniversary, we watch our absolutely hilarious wedding video. But because my husband had a football game on our actual anniversary (he’s a high school football coach), we decided to watch the video the night before. After watching our … Read more