Comparison is the thief of joy….

I wish I had her legs. I wish I had her abs. I wish I were taller. I wish my thighs were smaller. “I wish I could just rip your head off of your body and put mine on it”. Yes, I actually said that to someone…for real.

Comparing ourselves to others is normal, and can sometimes be motivating, but it can also cause envy, jealousy and other nasty feelings that do us no good. Suddenly the tall girl with the long, thin legs and abs is now some sort of superhero with the best life and absolutely zero insecurities, all because she looks good in her lulus, right? Yeah, not so much.

I think everyone lacks a bit of self-confidence in some areas, at least I know I do. It may be in your professional life, relationships, body image issues etc…Instead of focusing on what others have that you don’t, be grateful for what you DO have. I bet you’d be a lot happier, what do you think?comparison

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