Don’t feel like a stuffed turkey!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything that goes along with it, including the day after Turkey Day workout! Like most of you, I will be enjoying just a little bit of everything and loving every second of it. But come Friday morning, I will get right back on track so I don’t end up looking and feeling like a stuffed turkey!


Here are a few Post Turkey Day workouts for you to try.┬áIt doesn’t matter if you are traveling, or have company. You don’t necessarily need equipment. The key is to get right back on track. Start your day by having a large amount of water and a really healthy breakfast. Workout and stay active all weekend. Rake leaves, play flag football, go for a walk, or go shopping. Anything but sitting on the couch all day watching football and eating the leftover apple pie!

Treadmill, Track, or Elliptical Workout

If you choose to do the elliptical version, start with the .75 mile and go from there.


Warm- up 5 minutes

Run 1 mile as fast as you can. Walk 5 minutes.

Run (or pedal) .75 mile as fast as you can. Walk (or decrease speed pedal speed on elliptical) for 7 minutes.

Run (or pedal) .5 mile as fast as you can. Walk (or decrease pedal speed on elliptical) 5 minutes

Run (or pedal) .25 mile as fast as you can. Walk 10 minutes on high incline (12% and 3.0mph) for 5 minutes. If you are on a track, walking lunges for .25 mile. If you are on an elliptical, put the resistance HIGH but pedal slow – digging in heels each pedal stroke.


Body Weight Circuit – No equipment needed!

:30 True Burpees – Push up and a Jump squat!

:30 Pushups

:30 Split Squat Jumps (or lunges if you have bad knees)

:30 Dips off of a chair

:30 Bicycle Crunches

:30 Supermans

:30 True Burpees

:30 Mountain Climbers

:30 Plank Hold

:30 1 jump forward, 2 hops back

Rest 1:30 and repeat 4 times (and remember to smile and have fun!)


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