Hangovers and Whole Foods


Wanna know what happens when you drink a little too much wine on your anniversary and end up food shopping in Whole Foods the next day?

Mac n Cheese happens. And a cookie. And the “healthy” Swedish fish. And a bit of your sons’ pizza.

A few years ago I would’ve spent last night searching the internet for some 12-week meal plan or quick fix cleanse (as I continued to eat all of the foods that I knew wouldn’t be on any of those plans).

I also would’ve probably signed up for a road race as a way of “motivating” myself to “eat clean” – even though I despise running…I would’ve told myself that I was doing it to stay on track, that I “needed” a goal, or else I would just eat like that all the time.

Sounds more like punishment than motivation.

I would have already gotten my first of two cardio sessions in by this time, trying to run off a little of the “damage” I did. And I would’ve eaten egg whites and oatmeal with berries for breakfast.

Instead, what happened was that I was FULLY aware of what was going on. My hormones were way outta wack due to the alcohol the night before and not sleeping well. That caused increased hunger and ridiculous cravings all day yesterday.

I made a CHOICE as I stood between the salad bar and the hot bar to go over and make a big #BFOS filled with mac and cheese and a couple token veggies.

But I also made the CHOICE to stop there.

I ate just enough to feel satisfied, came home and drank a ton of water and got a great night’s sleep.

Got up and started my day just like every other one. With coffee. That’s it, just another day. No guilt. No extra cardio. Just coffee….

Wanna know what changed? Why I’m no longer beating myself up for eating exactly what I want at any given time?

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