Hangovers and Whole Foods

Wanna know what happens when you drink a little too much wine on your anniversary and end up food shopping in Whole Foods the next day?Mac n Cheese happens. And a cookie. And the “healthy” Swedish fish. And a bit of your sons’ pizza.A few years ago I would’ve spent last night searching the internet … Read more

My 2nd Favorite Exericise…..

I remember when Mondays would mean the start of a new diet and exercise plan… Usually one so ridiculous that by the end of the week I was exhausted from exercising excessively and cranky because I’d rather give birth to a porcupine than eat another piece of chicken. It never mattered how tired I was … Read more

How To Say NO to Food Pushers

I’m sure we’ve all been there. We try to make changes in our eating habits for whatever reason, only to hear things like:   “OMG, you have to eat that?” (gag sound) “I don’t understand why you can’t just have a beer? What is one beer gonna do?” “Seriously, just eat it. It’s not going to … Read more