Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Program with Keri Mantie

A unique and completely individualized approach to nutrition, mindset and fitness for women who are looking to lose fat, balance their hormones, build strength and develop a better relationship with food and their body.

I am specifically looking to work with:

  • Women who are ready to make the investment and commitment to themselves and are ready to work with a qualified professional on creating a lifestyle that will not only give them great results, but will also be something they can sustain.

  • Women who are sick and tired of starting over every Monday.

  • Women who are done repeating the same expensive "challenges" or "fixes" that don't work long-term.

  • Women who are ready to tackle the most important piece of change - mindset, thoughts, limiting beliefs and old narratives.

  • Women who are looking for support, accountability and guidance.

Meet just a few of the women whose lives have been changed with 1:1 coaching with Keri...



Under Keri's guidance, I have lost just under 20 pounds and I am the leanest that I have been in years.

I choose the foods I like, foods that make me feel good, there are no supplements involved and I never felt any pressure to follow specific rules (which always backfired for me).

It's been 3 years since I worked 1:1 with Keri. I've maintained my loss and have gotten stronger in the gym.

Doing 1:1 was the best decision I've ever made for myself."



I knew when I saw the picture from our family vacation that I wanted to make changes.

The 1:1 coaching was exactly what I needed to learn how to create better habits.

I needed the accountability and support and over a year later I'm down 40 pounds and feel so much better!




Katie is a 52 years young mom of 4 boys. I think it’s important to share her age because she is proof that fat loss isn’t impossible when you’re peri-menopausal or over 50.

Her secret? She may have a different answer, but as her coach for the past year, I’d say it was consistency. She simply never gave up.

She didn’t buy shakes, count calories, plug anything into an app (ever), take out food groups, or exercise hours a day. She didn’t do these things because she knew that LONGTERM those things wouldn’t work for her.

The first 6 months she lost 20 ish pounds. The last 6 months she lost about 5 more, but her goal has been more on maintaining her loss, and she’s done a great job.


What matters more to me than how much weight I've lost is how I FEEL.

The mental/mindset change is huge for me. Not feeling like crap every Monday morning and not being tempted by my kids snacks and leftovers.

Not beating myself up over my food choices all the time. These changes have literally made me a happier and better person, wife and mom. I just feel better than I can ever remember.

All this to say THANK YOU and I never want to stop the 1:1 coaching 😉

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Thank you so much for your interest in working with me. I'd like to learn a little more about you and your goals so we can figure out which coaching option would fit your needs best!