Shake up your routine this winter.

Here in the Northeast the winter can feel very LONG! Spending 5-6 days in a gym gets pretty monotonous and boring for sure. Just because its cold outside doesn’t mean that we have to be stuck indoors! Here are a few activities that burn a ton of calories and keep you from waiting for the next available treadmill!

The following calorie count is based on a 135lb. person exercising for 60 minutes. Remember to always dress appropriately and warm-up prior to your workout !

Ice Skating – 369

Downhill Skiing (light effort) – 250

Downhill Skiing (moderate effort) – 300

Downhill Skiing (vigorous effort/racing) 430

Cross Country (2.5mph, slow or light effort) 369

Cross Country (4.0mph, moderate effort) 431

Cross Country (5.0 – 7.5mph, vigorous effort) 500

Snowboarding – 260

Ice Hockey – 350

Winter Hiking – 350

Sledding, tobogganing – 369

Snowshoeing – 431

Snowmobiling – 150

Shoveling – 280

Building a snowman – 285

Having a snowball fight – 320

Making Snow Angels – 200


So if you are fortunate enough to live in an area where there will be snow on the ground this holiday season, take your friends and family outdoors for a fun calorie -burning workout!


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