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My goal is to share with you, via conversations, pictures and testimonials, that body change can happen in a responsible and sustainable way.

These conversations, pictures and testimonials are from REAL women. Not one of them followed the same "plan" as the other, because they are all as different on the inside as they are on the outside. They range in ages, activity levels, food preferences. They have different social calendars, work responsibilities, stressors, etc...

Yet, they were all able to get great results WITHOUT following another diet. WITHOUT white knuckling their way through another 30 day challenge, giving up entire food groups, or obsessively weighing and measuring everything they put in their mouth.

Creating ANY type of change in any area of our lives certainly takes work! But I am here to prove to you (by sharing my client's stories) that it if you put the right work in for YOU, it is possible to live your life, lose fat, and get the results you desire, WITHOUT losing your mind.

They say that a picture's worth a thousand words! Check out these before and after photos from REAL WOMEN who have been living the LEAN Life!

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Keri and my 1:1 coaching experience has truly been life changing!!

My name is Michelle Jarvis I am a 56 year old Nannie of 9, I am full time RVr which means I live in a 35 ft box on wheels with my husband traveling around this US of A.

I hear people say what a struggle vacation is, my life IS a vacation. By vacation I mean, always in a new place wanting to try out new resturants, no gym membership or regular routine and very social. The only routine is that no matter where you are in any campground across the country, happy hour is at 4 pm. Eat, drink and be merry!

My food issues started as far back as I can remember, my first diet I was about 12 years old, and then that cycle of on a diet off a diet up and down on my weight. Emotionally always gauging my “goodness” by my weight or my eating. The earliest “diet chart” I remember I was 123 lbs at 5’8” tall. I wanted to loose 5 lbs and reward myself with a new pair of jeans. My dieting got me topped out at 230 lbs and so confused as what was good what was bad. So as you can see I came to Keri with a good 44+ years of negative tapes and behaviors in my head.

She explained about lifestyle changes, about mindset, I thought I have heard this but then I thought what if I do this 1:1 then my coach comes with me no matter where I am for the next 6 months. 6 MONTHS! Never in my life had I done any one eating or excercising for 6 months. But I decided I’m in, I’m going to do what the voice on the other end of the phone, email, says. I officially signed up on April 11!

I have to say it has been truly life changing. I have put my trust in the lifestyle change and the process and Keri and it’s working.

The more important thing is that for the first time food is NOT ruling or consuming my every waking moment. I am not"off" or "on" I am living, I can make intentional decisions regarding food, and even if I choose the less heather option, through her coaching I come to be more steady as one time does not make it a lifetime. My hormones are more balanced, my emotions are more level and I am really a much happier person all around.

I do not have a weight goal, as to me that would signal an "end of a diet" instead i have the excitement and expectation of what my God given weight will settle to by feeding it a healthy diet. I plan on adding some consistent exercise in soon to work on strength and firming.

Hope my story has helped someone, this life is a journey I am forever Grateful our paths crossed from the bottom of my heart thank you, Keri!


Someone asked me what my "ah-ha" moment was during this process, and honestly, I think it was just that you wouldn't let me quit.

I've started and stopped so many times in the past and this time I just kept showing up. I've learned that this is so much more about mindset than it is about food. I've learned how to balance my beach days, vacations, and the holidays all while getting stronger and leaner and not feeling like I was missing out on anything.

I've not only been able to maintain my loss, I'm continuing to see my body change through strength training and lifting weights I NEVER thought possible."

- Stacey

IMG_5561 copy

It's definitely from changes in diet and overall mindset with your guidance. This is probably the LEAST I've exercised in recent years. I've also learned how to survive social outings without "falling off the wagon".

It feels very much like a life - I'm just more informed and accountable.


The past 6 months have been so eye opening.

I’ve learned that fat loss is not just about the food or exercise it’s about getting out of your own head and learning how to change your inner dialogue. That was, and still is, the most challenging part for me. Don’t get me wrong at the beginning changing a few of my eating habits was the hard part, but once I got past that, it was always me and the story I would tell myself that hung me up.

6 months later I still catch myself doing it but because of Keri's guidance, I’ve gotten so much better about changing the outcome.

I went from working out 5 days a week doing crazy cardio, CrossFit and spin classes, to walking at a comfortable pace and weight lifting 2-3 times a week and I have NEVER in my life felt better in my body. I can’t thank you enough for all of your knowledge and encouragement.


I've tried every diet under the sun.

Honestly, they still grab my attention every now and then, but what I finally realize after working 1:1 with Keri is that although they work during the 21 or 30 days, they're not sustainable.

They never taught me how to do date night, or vacations with my family. I didn't learn how to listen to my body, or how to balance my hormones. I learned how to follow a list of rules and that was it.

At 44 I feel the best I've ever felt, both physically and mentally. Last summer I wore a bikini for the first time without feeling the need to lie flat the whole time ha!

I've realized, with Keri's help, that this is a lifelong journey. I always circle back to her because her  approach is realistic and sustainable and she doesn't forbid me from eating or drinking the things I love (like my wine).

I've learned to create my own program through awareness and practice and that I don't have to be perfect to get results.



Where do I start?

Keri you have completely changed the way I think. From the food I put in my body, my mindset, and the way I exercise.

It's been a few years since I've started in your LEAN Life group and it certainly hasn't been perfect, but you've shown me that thats ok.

You have given me the tools I need to be a healthier ME! I'm always learning and excited to see what is in store for me this year with you.

-Patty Smith


"Sooo I just want to say thank you again & sorry for the long message! This past year I feel Iike I have learned so much! I wish I could yell at my 18-29 year old self and I wish I would have appreciated my body a little more! I honestly have never been so comfortable with my body in my whole life. I still struggle, but this is by far the closest I've come. I have learned so much from you, but the main thing I have taken away from this group is confidence. Even in college when I was wayyy too skinny and over exercising I would wear shorts over my bathing suit because I thought my legs looked fat and I thought everyone would notice now, I don't cover my legs up & I don't care about what other people might say about me-because I'm happy with myself!

You're the best!


“OK There is roughly about 4 weeks between the pictures. I know this sounds so corny, but I have ALWAYS ALWAYS been a yo yo dieter/binge eater, and I think the biggest change I made was not thinking I had to be "all or nothing." I tried to cut out most anything processed, because after ACTUALLY listening to my hunger, energy and cravings like you recommend, I realized I truly become a woman possessed after having anything really sugary or carby. I haven't felt deprived though, because I eat my dark chocolate squares and almond butter everyday (as opposed to a froyo w 10 lbs of toppings...that would inevitably lead me to want to consume everything else in sight, too). I have also been lifting heavier weights and not cardio-ing (just walking w my Fitbit). I haven't seen a huge difference on the scale (only like 5 or 6 lbs), but that's another change I've been TRYING to make: not living and dying by the scale. It's hard! I'm trying to trust the good advice you give in the group/the process in general. Ie: thinking, "It's a lifestyle" as opposed to "I need to lose 25 lbs by October 31st. And if I DON'T, I might as well eat EVERY THING and curl in a ball and die. Poor me." Thank you so much!


"Hey Keri!
I wanted to send you my before and afters. I have to admit that I don't have the time right now to work out as much as I would like but just by changing my eating habits it had changed my body this much!!”

photo 4

I couldn't be happier with my results! My family and friends shower me with compliments! Who doesn't love that!?! They know how hard I am working at changing my lifestyle and it was nice that they see the results too.

My clothes fit a lot better now! I am confident when I wear tighter shirts and don't see a muffin top sitting on top of my pants!

The biggest change I think was my overall confidence in myself. I feel better and that makes me want to keep going and work even harder at the gym. Now that program is over, I am still working out 4 days a week and keeping to good prep schedule. I couldn't be happier with the results!


"I started working with Keri in September 1:1 for the nutritional coaching. I have always eaten pretty healthy, but was stuck. I had gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and could never get all of it off. I dieted, did cleanses, and was still stuck. I knew I was doing something wrong and needed help. Thankfully, I heard about Keri and I am so happy that I did. She helped me figure out what I doing wrong and make the much needed changes I need to lose the unwanted fat. I was not eating enough, and especially not enough protein, not the right combination of things and too much sugar. I immediately made the necessary changes she recommended. I also included 3 strength training sessions a week with the help of her videos. I feel great and am learning how to control cravings and how to monitor my hunger, energy and cravings. I have worked really hard to fix all of these eating habits and love the results! Thank you, Keri"

Before and After - Side

Stephanie, Age 46

"When I signed up to do the 15 day challenge last year, I thought I would do the challenge as a way to lose the weight I gained over the holidays and “restart” from there. But, something strange happened - I saw results from those 2 weeks and decided to keep with it. Now, I’ve been on a diet since I was 14 yrs old. Always trying cut down, count calories, track points, measure food, etc. I would lose weight and then slowly, but surely, put it back on. My exercise regimen consisted of 40 minutes on the elliptical and weight training on the equipment at the gym, and I would beat myself up if I didn’t do that at least 3x a week.

Coming to the realization that I didn’t need to be on a diet, that making small changes to my everyday eating can make a difference was eye opening. But what really changed for me was how I looked at exercise. I still try to go to the gym at least 3x a week, but now I am exercising so much smarter than I ever was. I can honestly say that I feel like I work out less than I was before, but have seen results that I’ve never seen in my life.

I’m not the lowest weight I’ve been in my life, but I’m in the best shape I’ve even been and have honestly never looked better."

When people ask me what I “did”, I just tell them I’m living the LEAN life. 😉 Thank you!

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