Write down your plan of attack.

Can you believe we are nearing the end of October? Is the Halloween candy already calling your name? For a lot of us, this is the top of a slippery slope. The kids bring home all of their candy and you end up eating it! And if you don’t have kids, the moms bring all the candy to work to get it out of their house and every time you go into the staff room there is a bowl of candy tempting you! After all of the candy is finally gone, it’s Thanksgiving. And then there are the plethora of leftovers beckoning to be eaten…apple pie for breakfast anyone? Followed by the never ending list of holiday parties. By the end of December most of us are feeling so puffy and stuffed that we are wishing the last week of December to just BE OVER so that we can once again start those New Year’s Resolutions.


So true right? I’m hoping that this email, and the next few emails leading up to the end of the year, will help keep you (and me) on track so that we can maintain our fitness level (and waistlines) through the holiday season. We don’t have to let the holiday parties derail our goals. Write down your plan of attack! What you are willing to do in the next 10 weeks so that you aren’t starting 2012 feeling like a stuffed sausage? Life goes on after New Year’s Day, and chances are you will have a dinner or a party to go to in January. Then guess what…It’s VALENTINE’S DAY!!…. So try not to fall into the mindset of “I might as well enjoy it all now because once January 1st gets here, I’m only to going to eat chicken and salad”. If you allow yourself to miss one workout, or eat one piece of candy when you weren’t planning on it, chances are really good that you will do it again. I always tell my clients “if you give up once, you’ll give up every time”. You start to create bad habits. So write down your goals. You have those parties on your schedule, you should have your workouts on there as well!

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