They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words!

Check out these before and after photos from REAL WOMEN who have been living the LEAN Life! Read some of their inspirational stories below.

christina“Sooo I just want to say thank you again & sorry for the long message! This past year I feel Iike I have learned so much! I wish I could yell at my 18-29 year old self and I wish I would have appreciated my body a little more! I honestly have never been so comfortable with my body in my whole life. I still struggle, but this is by far the closest I’ve come. I have learned so much from you, but the main thing I have taken away from this group is confidence. Even in college when I was wayyy too skinny and over exercising I would wear shorts over my bathing suit because I thought my legs looked fat and I thought everyone would notice now, I don’t cover my legs up & I don’t care about what other people might say about me-because I’m happy with myself!

You’re the best! “

beforeandafter“OK There is roughly about 4 weeks between the pictures. I know this sounds so corny, but I have ALWAYS ALWAYS been a yo yo dieter/binge eater, and I think the biggest change I made was not thinking I had to be “all or nothing.” I tried to cut out most anything processed, because after ACTUALLY listening to my hunger, energy and cravings like you recommend, I realized I truly become a woman possessed after having anything really sugary or carby. I haven’t felt deprived though, because I eat my dark chocolate squares and almond butter everyday (as opposed to a froyo w 10 lbs of toppings…that would inevitably lead me to want to consume everything else in sight, too). I have also been lifting heavier weights and not cardio-ing (just walking w my Fitbit). I haven’t seen a huge difference on the scale (only like 5 or 6 lbs), but that’s another change I’ve been TRYING to make: not living and dying by the scale. It’s hard! I’m trying to trust the good advice you give in the group/the process in general. Ie: thinking, “It’s a lifestyle” as opposed to “I need to lose 25 lbs by October 31st. And if I DON’T, I might as well eat EVERY THING and curl in a ball and die. Poor me.” Thank you so much!

11223520_10206638654714483_5764673827303150223_o“Hey Keri!
I wanted to send you my before and afters. I have to admit that I don’t have the time right now to work out as much as I would like but just by changing my eating habits it had changed my body this much!!”

lynnbeforeandafter“I started working with Keri in September 1:1 for the nutritional coaching. I have always eaten pretty healthy, but was stuck. I had gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and could never get all of it off. I dieted, did cleanses, and was still stuck. I knew I was doing something wrong and needed help. Thankfully, I heard about Keri and I am so happy that I did. She helped me figure out what I doing wrong and make the much needed changes I need to lose the unwanted fat. I was not eating enough, and especially not enough protein, not the right combination of things and too much sugar. I immediately made the necessary changes she recommended. I also included 3 strength training sessions a week with the help of her videos. I feel great and am learning how to control cravings and how to monitor my hunger, energy and cravings. I have worked really hard to fix all of these eating habits and love the results! Thank you, Keri”

Stephanie, Age 46

“When I signed up to do the 15 day challenge last year, I thought I would do the challenge as a way to lose the weight I gained over the holidays and “restart” from there. But, something strange happened – I saw results from those 2 weeks and decided to keep with it. Now, I’ve been on a diet since I was 14 yrs old. Always trying cut down, count calories, track points, measure food, etc. I would lose weight and then slowly, but surely, put it back on. My exercise regimen consisted of 40 minutes on the elliptical and weight training on the equipment at the gym, and I would beat myself up if I didn’t do that at least 3x a week.

Coming to the realization that I didn’t need to be on a diet, that making small changes to my everyday eating can make a difference was eye opening. But what really changed for me was how I looked at exercise. I still try to go to the gym at least 3x a week, but now I am exercising so much smarter than I ever was. I can honestly say that I feel like I work out less than I was before, but have seen results that I’ve never seen in my life.

I’m not the lowest weight I’ve been in my life, but I’m in the best shape I’ve even been and have honestly never looked better.”

When people ask me what I “did”, I just tell them I’m living the LEAN life. 😉 Thank you!

  • “You’re inspiring me to get back into training!”

    M. Howard
  • “Keri, i have never done anything so challenging .See you next thurs!”

    P. Driscoll
  • “Anyone needing some kickass training and nutritional guidance, look no further. Keri not only looks hot (after having twins no less) but has the educational background and experience to back up her training. She will kick your booty into gear!”

    J. Lytle
  • “The first time I saw Keri training her clients I was completely drawn to her style. I had never seen anyone do the types of exercises she was doing at that time. Even though I am a trainer I wanted her to train me. Her approach of you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to get results you just need to be effective with your time. That is exactly what you get when you train for that half hour or hour with Keri. It’s one of the toughest sessions you will ever do and you will ask yourself why you do this but the results you get are worth every bead of sweat!” –

    Paula Harvey
  • “So thought I would let you know that I went shopping tonight and I dropped a whole pant size. I am almost to the point of going down 2 pant sizes. Not quite yet though. I was so excited I was jumping around and dancing in the dressing room…lol. The compliments I am getting everyday are amazing and only makes me want to succeed even more. I am almost down to single digit pants and that is a HUGE goal for me. So just want to say THANK YOU so very much. I know I am doing the hard work but without you I would not have known where to begin…YOU ROCK!!!!!!!”

Client Stories

Michelle D.

Michelle is a 45 year old working mom who wanted to fit back into her favorite suit. I’m happy to say that after only 8 weeks, Michelle lost 10 pounds, and 8 inches overall! Read her story below.

What were your struggling with when you started the program?

Although I worked out consistently, especially daily running, I was finding it harder to fit into my clothes and did not feel as lean as I prefer.  Over the years I spent 100 percent of my time on exercise and  zero time considering my diet. I was completely overwhelmed by all available nutrition advice so I ignored all of it and generally believed increasing exercise was the way to go. This worked most of my life but things changed as I got older decided with all the time and money I spend on exercise, it was time to devote some time to how I fuel my body.

What did you get out of the program that means the most to you, basically what did you learn?

Keri convinced me that I was spending too much time on the wrong types of workouts (long distance jogging) and that I totally underestimated the importance of the food I eat.  I now believe my diet is as just as important as my workouts. I also learned that small changes really made big changes in the way I feel and how my clothes fit.  She gave me great tips to use at home and when I travel and go to business meetings.  She did a great job of summarizing a lot of nutrition information in a way I could use.

What were your results?

I feel less bloated and flabby. I feel much more confident in making good food choices for me at home and when I travel for work.  My clothes feel so much better and I am back in a suit that had not fit in at least a year:) Most importantly I feel like I am learning what works for me rather than just guessing or trying to get through conflicting information on line and in magazines about the latest trend.

Sarah S.

What were your struggling with when you started the program?

I was struggling with how my clothes were fitting and how I looked in the mirror and pictures. I had lost weight last year after a strict protein shake diet and then put it all back on when I stopped. I knew I needed a lifestyle change that was manageable.

What did you get out of the program that means the most to you, basically what did you learn?

For me, learning how to prep was the biggest thing I got out of the program. Being a teacher and grad student, I have no time and no energy to cook during the week. This program helped me build a routine that worked. Every Sunday I would work out with Keri, then head right to the supermarket to get my food for the week. I would then prep my breakfast and lunch for the week. I would also have my dinners planned so I wasn’t left scrambling for dinner ideas.

Life is easier for me when I prep. I can get up in the morning, go to the gym and not have to worry about getting my food together for the day. I was able to put healthy options into my lunch bag, rather than getting take out and finding unhealthy snacks  in the vending machine.

Working with Keri made this transition so much easier. She was there to answer all of my nutrition questions. When I slipped on my plan or was out of ideas, she was always there to let me know that I am human and can make mistakes! She always had great advice to help me get back on track or expand my menu!

What were your results?

8 pounds and 10+ inches in 8 weeks!



photo 4I couldn’t be happier with my results! My family and friends shower me with compliments! Who doesn’t love that!?! They know how hard I am working at changing my lifestyle and it was nice that they see the results too.

My clothes fit a lot better now! I am confident when I wear tighter shirts and don’t see a muffin top sitting on top of my pants!

The biggest change I think was my overall confidence in myself. I feel better and that makes me want to keep going and work even harder at the gym. Now that program is over, I am still working out 4 days a week and keeping to good prep schedule. I couldn’t be happier with the results!